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Spirit Communication

Spirit Communication can be such a comfort to those who have loved ones who have crossed over, now in the Summerland. If you need some comfort, guidance or reassurance from your loved ones, I offer distant mediumship readings. It is very touching and emotional when I am able to pass on those messages beyond the veil and help bring support and comfort.


Lots of tools can be used for divination. I offer different types of readings, using Tarot, the Pendulum, Oracle cards and Ogham

Aura Readings

Your aura tells so much about your personality but also about where you are on your spiritual path and of your emotional and physical well-being. By receiving an aura reading you can begin to help cleanse your aura and bring your energy centres back in to balance once you are aware of any blockages and possible reasons for them.

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About Willow

Willow Psychic

I offer readings distantly where I can take my time to give you a deep and full reading, no time limits involved. I usually set a day aside to do a reading. It works the same way as would in person except I am connecting with your energies, Spirits Guides, Angels and so on from a distance. A reading may include my tarot and oracle cards, Ogham, pendulum, reading of the aura, channelling any guides that may come through, mediumship when loved ones in the Spirit world wish to give messages. I also do Psychic Art whether it be channelling or vizually seeing Guides, Angels, Animal Totems and so on, or an image which depicts your energy and life at this time or your life path.

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